Elevate Silk seeks to provide high-quality silk pillowcases and wellness products for all genders. We desire for our silk products and wellness line to help improve sleep habits and mental well-being. So you, can find your reason for being. [ikigai] 


   Elevate Silk was created as a way to efficiently, yet easy way to help you rest, and keep your skin crease-free. We thrive in a culture where less sleep and high -stress, is praised. We've all been there.  Sleep is simply one of the most underrated health habit. According to CDC "1 in 3 adults are sleep deprived". So, we figured if we can find sanity after all the craziness in the world with something as simple as sleep, you can too. Yes, it's bedding. Yes, it's also an anti-aging product; and yes, it's also for self-care. 

   We wish the concept of giving to be a part of this brand. Not only do we long to help individuals spread the importance of sleep routines but we desire to raise awareness. Buy from Elevate Silk and know that with every purchase, you're contributing to communities struggling with their mental health. Being a Wellness and Beauty company, parts of all proceeds go to Mental Health Association of Canada.

Ikigai "a reason for being”